DOWNLOAD MP3: Jeremy - Thirst Of You (Ft. Yakson Markson)

DOWNLOAD MP3: Jeremy - Thirst Of You (Ft. Yakson Markson) - Audio

Jeremy is a visionary blogger and a gospel singer who is very consistent in his work for himself and even to others. Though, he has been on the blogging role for long, now its time to do music.

Jeremy, a young Tarabian with a bunch of talent. Let me not hesitate to tell you he is also a Writer and a motivational speaker. In anticipation of one of his write Up, we looking forward see his first Ever Novel titled "The Road" which will soon hit the bookstore within and beyond the country Boaders.

'Thirst Of You' is his first song, on it was  Yackson Markson , a gospel minister and a rapper whose presence add more sauce and melody to the song from his raps verse following Jeremy's hook.

The song talked about the power in the body of Christ. There are waters  all over the world to drink and quench a thirst but a drop from the finger tip of Christ is more than the waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

Download and listen Below.

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