POEM: A Bad Day - By Austeen Aulcena

Am stroke down with uncertainties
They came up and make me feel bad.
I became desperately in need of a special one, one person who will console me and make me feel good and useful once more.
I lost my words, I can't hold down to myself in need.
I guess the nightmares of yesterday night are hunting me.

I wake up with a chronic stomach pain, the moment I fought it to it end,
I Got disappointed somewhere.
I wasn't expecting it, when somebody extended a hand of charity to me and I was consoled of my....
But what could that be in a well furnish and a breakable plate?
Rhetorically, this question glance through my mind
I put the plate on my left palm, using my right hand to open it, and it slipped and fall.
I couldn't hold to hear how it will sound on the flow, when I use my hands to close my ears.
On reaching the ground, I watched everything scatter with each piece taking its side.
Oh God! I shouted.
Though Its an inconvenience but I cant explain.
The content inside is mine but the container is never mine. After all, I am expected to wash and return.
I felt like opening the ground and burying myself but that's impossible.

Can this day be a good one for me?
I calm myself down, look out for means to be happy.
Suddenly, I started getting my happiness back. It grew to an apex and I was feeling at home not until I loose my balance.
I gathered much to he strong, I gathered much to be happy but after all that I have gathered, 
What a fuck is it?
I failed again, I fucked up again, I messed up again and I loose them all.

Indeed I Woke Up With A Bad Day.

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