BALINEWS: All You need to Know about Mr and Mrs Bali Pageantry Show 3rd Edition

All You need to Know about Mr and Mrs Bali Pageantry Show 3rd Edition.

Mr And Mrs Bali Pageantry show is an annual event aimed at creating togetherness within the young people of Bali. This is an event where the youths come together to witness, choose and celebrate those eligible and qualified to be crown the Mr and Mrs Bali. 

The event was first organized and held on 1st January 2018, was seconded on 19th January 2019 with Efuseh Zachaeus  and Gbaa Josephine Joseph ,Muddaka aka Jagaban emerging winners respectively.

They all contested for the crown among many others but only them qualified, meet the qualities and were found worthy for public services.
This year's version of the event is taken a new look with some categories of awrds are heen added to be given on merit with forms already on sale.

1. Mr/miss Bali.
2. Mr/miss culture.
3. Mr/miss tourism.
4. Mr/miss fresh.
5. Most expensive ( male/female).
6. Mr/miss swags.
7. Most popular (male/female).
8. Mr/miss social.
9. Mr/miss classic.
10. Mr/miss jovial.
11. Mr/miss RUGGED.
12. Mr/miss gallant.
13. Best dresser (male/female).
14. Best DJ.
15. Best producer.
16. Best fashion designer.

Mr/Miss Bali 3rd Edition, Forms Has Been Declared Opened Today Been Sunday 20/01/2020.
FORMS LOCATION: Bali city center beside the king palace and mosque
SHOP : No8.
SHOP NAME: Snowhite Boutique
CONTACT. 0811 283 8034.

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